Hey there dear visitor and welcome to minecraftunblockedd.com, so what is this blog all about and who am I?

What is this site?
First of all this site is dedicated to the 2D version of the game, we all know the original game right? We all know about all the different modes it has and missions and challenges you can complete there, but here is the problem, original version of the game is too big, when you are at work it is kind of hard to play it there, it is kind of hard to install anything there, etc. On the other hand, a 2D version of the game (the one which we have on our blog) has no such issues, you can play it from your browser instantly, you don’t have to install anything.
This where my unblocked version of the game comes handy, you can play it at work, you can play it at school and from any other locations. This is exactly why I have decided to build this blog, I myself come here on a daily basis and enjoy playing this awesome online game.

Who am I?
I’m just a regular everyday gamer, I have a lot of free time and I enjoy to spend it in online games. I am also a huge fan of Minecraft and I have played nearly all mods of this game. I even have a YouTube channel where I stream my games, you can subscribe to it if you want to 😉

Now you know what this game is all about and now you know who I am, if you have more questions use our contact form.