Game is free right?  Didnt you read about page? Yes, it is free, read my articles plz.
 How to play it?  Complete missions, grab different resources, build some cool stuff. You have freedom of choice in Minecraft 😁
 How many locations are there?  There are three locations, the first one is Island, the other two locations are locked, you have to complete first one in order to play the second one and the third one.
 Are you planning to add more guides?  I will not stop, I will add more articles, I will add more guides, I will share more of my YouTube guides. Just subscribe to my newsletter plz.
 How many lives are there?  Minecraft world is a dangerous place, there are a lot of hidden traps… You have seven lives in total, use them wisely…
 Are there interesting missions?  I was a sceptic as well at first, now I can tell you for sure that game has tons of different interesting missions in it, you will love them.
 Are you planning to add more similar games?  If I will find something exciting I will share it with you asap, meanwhile we can enjoy Minecraft, I just admire this game 😁

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