Every game has its own unique approach, in each case, you will have to follow some sort of strategy in order to succeed in it, Minecraft is no difference…

I have some cool tips for you, these tips are pretty useful, I used them myself countless times before and I must say that they can change the outcome of the game.

I will just list my tips below so you won’t get bored:

– ❀️ You have seven lives, keep track of your current lives and make careful decisions based on them.
– πŸ’² You have limited cash, money is a very important resource in the game, make sure that you have some backup during game missions.
– 🏠 Building your base is important part of the game, place barricades wisely, don’t waste resources on meaningless constructions.
– πŸ”’ The game has three locations in total, first one is unlocked by default, other two require finishing of previous ones.
– ✏️ The game has pretty useful tips, they pop-up every time when you have to make some serious move. READ THESE TIPS!
– πŸ’‘ There are various objectives in the game, your number one mission is to finish them one by one.
– 🧟 different enemies have different stats, zombies are not like skeletons, learn your enemy well if you want to win the game.
– 🌊 Surviving the wave is easy if you plan your defenses well, always remember it!
– ☺️ Have fun in the game, don’t get nervous if you lose it at the beginning, you will get better in time, just don’t give up!

Pretty cool right? I’m proud of these tips, I have come up with them myself πŸ˜‚

I hope you will find them useful, you can add some tips yourself below in the comments section.